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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Banquet Server Assignment

A banquet server is responsible for preparing the tables and banquet area before guests arrive, effectively serving a number of different dishes and courses to guests during a meal, and clearing the tables and banquet area after the guests depart. Banquets are most often held at hotels, resorts, or private clubs for large events and parties. This means that there may be 100 or more guests to be efficiently and pleasantly served during the course of an event. A banquet server effectively tends to those needs, with duties similar to a restaurant waiter but working in a more team-focused way.
The responsibilities of a banquet server begin before the guests arrive. Prior to the event beginning, servers will prepare the banquet area for the event. This typically involves setting out linens on tables, setting silverware and napkins on the tables, as well as preparing anything else that may eventually be set at the tables, such as salt, pepper, or bread and rolls. While a banquet server will not necessarily cook or prepare any of the food, he or she should become familiar with the menu and the dishes being served to better assist guests with questions about the meal.

Task Banquet Attendant (Server)
a) Following the daily briefings held by the head waiter
b) Undertake table set-up
c) To prepare for each event
d) Provide for each event
e) Cleaning of dirty equipment
f) Maintain equipment banquet
g) Taking the dirty linen to the laundry and take a clean linen to the housekeeping
h) Attending training courses
i) Reporting to the head waiter at every event

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