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Senin, 19 Desember 2011


Leadership is a process in performing the direction and influence to a person or group of people that can participate in achieving the general objectives / specific.

Functions of Leadership

     * Taking the decision
     * Develop information
     * Maintain and develop member loyalty
     * Giving impetus and encouragement to members
     * Responsible for all activities of activities
     * Conduct oversight of the implementation of activities
     * Giving the award to members who excel

Factors - Factors Affecting Leadership Behavior

According to Mary Parker Follett, there are three variables that affect leadership styles are:

     * Leaders
     * The ability and leadership qualities
     * Followers or subordinates
ability and quality of followers in the  receiving direction from their leaders.
     * situation

In general, the main tasks a leader in the organization include:
a. Exercising managerial functions, namely the form of principal activities include the implementation of:
- Preparation of Plans
- Drafting of Organizational Control Organization Assessment Briefing
- Reporting
b. Encourage (motivate) subordinates to work hard and diligently
c. Fostering subordinates in order to take responsibility for each task are
d. Fostering subordinates in order to work effectively and efficiently
e. Creating a good working climate and harmonious
f. Develop management functions in both
g. Being a good driver and can be a source of creativity
h. Being a representative in developing relationships with outsiders

Leadership style is basically implies as an embodiment of a leader's behavior concerning his ability to lead.

I prefer the style with employee orientation receipts because we can better be close to our employees. We can read characters from each of our subordinates while they work.

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